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This kind of thing inspires me… Guru Talk by Jeff Gomez. 

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Neil Gaiman: Reposted as something that can be reblogged. ON WRITER'S BLOCK. →


I’ve seem to be hitting writer’s block far too often now. My grade in my creative writing class is suffering because i don’t turn in anything because i’m never really satisfied with anything i do. all my good ideas seem to turn into bad ones once i write it down. How do you get pass writers…
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The Anatomy of a Design Document →

Starting to think how I could present my proposal. How to filter through ideas and boil it down to a comprehensive, straightforward document. This is a good place to start. As with writing a screenplay proposal, brevity is key. 

Always something to keep in mind. 

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And of course looking back at what people have done helps avoid certain mistakes (read MARKETING PLOY). Some brilliant tips from Simon Staffans’s blog here aggregated into one cohesive work. Love the interview with Jeff Gomez!

(P.S. I did put this in a hyperlink before but I was reading through it again and thought it deserved its own post)

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Getting Started in Transmedia Storytelling by Robert Pratten. 

A brilliant practical guide that puts things into perspective and removing some of the fuzzy aura around big projects that involve transmedia and multiple platforms (as mine will be hopefully)…

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Jane McGonigal: Gaming can make a better world

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Why Transmedia is a no-brainer for TV. →

Very good read that has now even more convinced about pursuing this plan to tie in this an interactivity component with the 30 minute series is the right way to go. However, that said I do not want this to be just a marketing ploy but rather a platform where The Vengeance Crew’s story will continue to unfold.

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The perfect music to come up with sick ideas for The Vengeance Crew. 

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Brain on overdrive.

The idea of a hyperlinked world is something that I’ve been reading about for a while now. They way people experience media is changing. We all know that and we’ve heard it countless number of times that it’s becoming annoying. 

However tonight I am putting myself as case in point. I’ve been jumping from one article about Aristotle to another regarding the last year in transmedia. Notable is the fact that this past hour I’ve sailed through some 30 articles… But the point that I want to focus on is the fact that i reality I barely manage to finish reading one article before I’m onto the next. This is something that is becoming more and more pervasive in the modern day world. 

Now we’ve heard a lot about social media shortening people’s attention span and the usual doom and gloom stories (which I do find entertaining nonetheless) when it comes to new media.

HOWEVER because we are at a time where information is readily available literally at our fingertips, would it be so wrong to think of it in terms of people developing an overwhelming desire to consume as much content as possible?

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Should games even bother trying to tell a meaningful story? →

I’ve heard so many differing views about this subject. Good read. Definitely something to consider when working on an interactive project. 

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